Trade Forex and the most favorable times in the trading market


There are many advantages in the Forex market when you think about entering the market.

You will find many advantages that the forex market differs from other markets.

The Forex market is also characterized by low margin level, high leverage, free trading platforms, and 24/7 trading.

In this article, our main goal will be to clarify the appropriate times to take advantage of in trading.

You have to take advantage of these times to trade, because these times are profitable during trading.


Advantages of Forex Trading Times

The feature of trading around the clock is a special thing in the Forex market, but you should not take advantage of this feature randomly in trading.

Knowing trading times is very important and you have to be aware of the best trading hours, in order to achieve large proportions of profits.

For example, when the activity and volume of transactions are at the highest level, you can achieve higher profits.

When one of the trading markets closes, another market will open, this will enable you to buy and sell currencies at any time.

This is because the working hours intersect, and this makes the trading process continuous without interruption.

So that you can trade day and night,

which ultimately gives you 5 full days to do the trading on a weekly basis.


Trading times for the major markets in Forex

The Forex trading market starts in New Zealand from Sunday at 5 pm EST.

After it comes both the Australian markets, then the Asian markets, the Middle East, Europe and finally the American market.

Market position remains like this throughout the week, and closes at 4 pm EST.

This timing is in line with the closing of US market transactions.

As a trader, you should be aware that the US and UK markets count more than half of the Forex market transactions.

The major markets in London, New York and Tokyo are Forex.

These markets account for almost two thirds of the activity in the New York session, which appears in the morning trading hours.

At this time, European markets are also open, and it is one of the most important characteristics found in the Forex market.

It is the activity of the Forex market that reaches its peak at the intersection of major markets.

This matter will serve as an answer for you, about the trading hours of Forex, that is, you have to trade in the times of the intersection of the markets.

Now you have to ask the most important question, which is when do markets cross?


The most suitable times in the trading market

When two major markets intersect in trading hours, this happens with two major time slots.

For example, if we take into account the different time zones in the world.

Opening and closing times for Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the United States and Europe.

This occurs between two o’clock in the morning and four o’clock in the morning EASO.

And the time when trading is also between 8 am and 12 pm European and North American time.

If you want to get the best trading opportunities during the day.

You need to know the ideal times in the main markets for trading in Forex.

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