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Star Wars and Forex Trading


Trading Strategies and Lasers – Would you believe me if I said they had a common connection?


In today’s lesson, I will compare the popular science fiction novels to the world of forex traders, as the story of the “Jedi” and forex traders is more similar than you might think.

Last year, I noticed a verbal pun spread on social media among fans of Star Wars movies, making “May Fourth” a special day and a franchise brand. If you read the date “May Fourth,” it sounds like a famous saying from the movies – “In keeping the sky”. So I decided to dedicate an article on “May Fourth” to this year.


Every time I think about Star Wars stories or watch movies that tell about them – they always remind me of the struggles that we as Forex traders face on our trading journey.

In today’s lesson I’m going to look at the strange similarities between both worlds, and for those of you who aren’t familiar with the Star Wars story – I’ll keep you updated by explaining some aspects of the thought of the Star Wars films.


Attaining the maximum level of discipline

The main line of the films revolves around the story of a select group of people aspiring to reach the rank of “Knight of the Jedi”. The average person in our reality can be compared to this knight who possesses the skill of a ninja warrior and the mind of a temple monk.


And “Bedawan”, which is a word that basically means a trained boy, and he has to make a harsh journey to learn a specific set of skills and reach specific mental potentials before he can reach the rank of knight. Does that logic sound familiar to you?


As a “beginner” Forex trader, you begin your journey and have no idea what awaits you.


What the inexperienced eye sees is that forex is a set of candlesticks and you have two options, either “buy or sell”, so what is the difficulty in that?


As we all know very well that it is very difficult to become a skillful trader in the forex market so that many people do not reach its desired goal, and the main reason for seeing us this failure in making money is in fact due to the people who are overcome by the psychological pressure exerted on them. Markets.


One of the main challenges facing the “Jedi Knight” is to reach the maximum level of discipline by improving his knowledge and skills and maintaining a positive way of thinking by rejecting negative or harmful feelings.


To be successful in the industry, you need to live up to a certain level of discipline that some traders have said is more difficult than a challenge: quitting smoking or dieting, and even more like quitting drug, alcohol or gambling addiction.


Reaching the rank of “Knight of the Jedi” requires years of rigorous training that nothing in life requires preparing the “Jedi knights” for him, as the knight must reach the utmost levels of restraint and discipline before ascending to the next level – like us Forex traders, we should have complete control over Our emotions and discipline before we really became a successful trader.


Trading becomes your law of life

The “Jedi” knights in the Star Wars story are the guardians involved in preserving the galaxy’s security, and in order to be able to do so fully and effectively, they have a strategy or “law” that helps them maximize their effectiveness in accomplishing this mission.


Their strategy consists of a three-legged approach: self-discipline and an expansion of martial knowledge and skills in self-defense – particularly with the oddly shaped laser sword weapon, which resembles a “samurai” sword but emits cutting rays that can cut thick metal as a knife cuts a butter cake.


Protecting the galaxy with this strategy becomes basically the law of their life, and this is what they live to implement, and transcending the boundaries of these “behavioral rules” is a hated matter that can start the activation of a whole series of self-destruct stages.


Easily you can compare this aspect of the life of the Jedi knights to the way we Forex traders should behave with ourselves. We are not the keepers and keepers of the universe, but we certainly must be the honest guardian of our capital.


We also use a three-dimensional approach: a trading strategy, a money management plan, and complete control of self-discipline.


The “Jedi” way of life and basic principles are fundamentally his law, and in the end the way you trade will become your own doctrine and law – you will proceed to use your methods and reach your position in the market in your own way.


Robots are sometimes helpful

In all of the Star Wars stories, the main characters generally have robot assistants, who lend a helping hand to the heroes when needed, but sometimes malfunctions and they put the heroes in awkward situations.

These robots also exist in the Forex world.

These “robots” or “algorithms” can perform a range of functions such as drawing lines and charts on your chart, managing your open trades, and even taking risky trades on your behalf.

But keep this in mind – if a robot malfunctions, it can destroy your account when it is damaged – and open or close deals unlike assets with random volume of money in those positions.

I have tested my automated trading system really well and even other programmers have also tested it, and it has never let me down. If you use the “robot” program that has been set up in the stairwell laboratories at night, you must make sure to test it extensively on a demo account at first to ensure that it will not fail in its mission, and in this way, if it fails, it will only destroy the unreal money.


Most automated trading robots sold online are just scams, and internal programming is usually straightforward and simple things like the EMA Cross trading algorithm.

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